​Art Club 4-8th Grade:​4th- 8th Grade, Thursdays 3:30-5

May 6- Clay Llama Plaque We'll be learning how to build with clay slabs this week. We'll build our llama plaques (or create another animal if you're feeling extra creative!) and paint them. Sign Up Here

May 13- Jellyfish Plate This week we'll be creating this cool jellyfish plates! We'll learn a few painting techniques to achieve this jellyfish, including masking with paper and some other uncommon objects. Sign Up Here

May 20- Seek Adventure Plaque This week we'll be using a variety of mediums to create this wooden plaque. We'll combine some collage techniques along with an acrylic silhouette painting. Sign Up Here

May 27- Terra Cotta Geometric Planters Students will get to paint their own terra cotta planter this week. We'll have a few different trendy geometric patterns and color combos for inspiration, or students can be creative and make their own. Sign Up Here

Choose Your Own Project Students are also welcome to join us for art club sessions and pick their own project to paint. They can choose from anything on our shelves, they are not required to join our guided projects! Sign up using the weekly links above.

Kindergarten-3rd Grade, Fridays 3:30-4:30

May 7- Succulent Party This week we'll be learning about succulents and painting our own planters for them! We'll talk about succulents and how to take care of them, and each student will get to pick out their own succulent to bring home after their planter is fired. Sign Up Here

May 14- Beehive Happiness Painting This week we'll be using some unconventional art materials to create this canvas painting! We'll learn how to create different textures with things other than your typical paintbrush. Sign Up Here

May 21- Pineapple Perfection We'll be working with clay this week and created this cool pineapple to get ready for summer! We'll learn how to work with clay slabs, and how to score and attach parts of clay to get that signature pineapple texture. Sign Up Here

May 28- Watermelon Bowl We'll be getting ready for summer this week by painting our own watermelon bowls. We'll teach them how to decorate their bowl, and they might end up looking good enough to eat! Sign Up Here

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Wish Upon A Jar

Students must wear masks when they are indoors at Wish. Parents will be required to fill our our Covid-19 waiver and art club procedures before dropping off. Sibling discount applies to students in the same household only. Art club members can store unfinished projects at Wish for a maximum of 4 weeks between painting sessions. Pieces will be ready for pickup approximately one week from the class. They will be held for 60 days from the day they are ready. 

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A fun kids-only program at Wish- after school art club! We are offering a safe and clean space where students can get away from screens and do some hands-on learning. We are now offering TWO sessions based on age, 4th-8th graders (meeting on Thursdays 3:30-5) and kindergarten-3rd graders (meeting Fridays 3:30-4:30). 

What is art club? Art club is a relaxed, instructor-led kids program that meets after school. We work with fired ceramics and clay, canvas and acrylic paints, and other art mediums. Students have the option to join us in our weekly guided projects, or are to free paint projects of their own choosing from our shelves. A dedicated instructor will be with our art club students to teach techniques and assist all students. 
​How Does It Work?  Sign up is flexible- have your student join in whenever you choose- weekly, monthly, or whenever they have particular interest in a project! Register online to reserve your spot or call the studio. Walk-ins can be accommodated as long as there is space, but we cannot guarantee availability.

How Much does it Cost? To join our guided project, it is $25 per week. See below for our schedule of guided projects. If they're not interested in the project that week, students can also choose to paint anything in our studio- there is a $5 art club fee plus the cost of the chosen project for this option. 

Benefits Art club is a drop-off program, kids only! Members are allowed to store unfinished projects at Wish and finish them during another session, and have access to other crafts if they finish early. All students will receive individual instruction and attention while they learn about and engage in art. They also get to have social interactions with kids of similar ages and interests.

Our Instructors We have experienced professionals teaching your kids! Laurelyn designs our art club curriculum and instructs many sessions. She graduated from Monmouth University in 2012 with a degree in Education & Music, and has been teaching since then. She has several years experience teaching in public school K-8, and teaching all ages in private instruction. Lisa will be graduating from TCNJ with a degree in Early Education & Developmental Psychology. She has years of experience working with kids at Wish and outside of the studio! 

Questions? Message us on social media, send an email to info@wishuponajarnj.com,

or call the studio at 732-451-2601